Vol. 7  | Winter/Spring 2016

nourished magazine - SOLID - Vol. 6 Winter/Spring 2016

As another Winter season pulls in, and, I am reminded of the forgotten beauty from last year. There is certainly something there to rejoice about and something to take away as philosophical application. If only we could take that bird’s eye view and seek the dependability of long cycles, much of our everyday will be resolved without the pains of anxiety!

This issue harkens to that deep desire within us all towards Solidity and rootedness.  Even as we are in the throes of Winter, we forward to the renewal of Spring coming soon. This issue focuses on warmth and satisfaction of wholesome traditions and satiating meals. From the feature story about Turkish Coffee rituals to the pot of spaghetti in lamb ragu on the cover to the richness of biscotti, we explore how we incorporate time into our everyday routine and create a space of welcoming dependence.  

SOLID resonates with the deep desires of each of us as we go through our everyday to step back, pause, breathe in and re-look at our lives from a higher and larger perspective. It brings to life the joy of having a simmering stew stovetop while the snow flakes swirl and dance outside the window.

This issue explores the different ways we look to lengthen time in our lives. From communal rituals to slow cooked meals, we have an intrinsic need to indulge in the moment that despite the hurriedness of our lives is a very real need. In this issue, I want to take you on a journey where you find ways to incorporate time within the realities of your life's constraints...

Below is a brief glimpse at some pages within the book. Browse through at leisure to get a taste of what the book has to offer.